The Vision for Florida

Walker will protect and conserve the environment, protect consumer interests, grow Florida’s agriculture industry, maintain a high standard of food and nutrition, conserve our water, and support the Second Amendment.


Walker has a strong background in conservation. He will work to ensure that our public lands are protected, and develop policies that will ensure the sustainability of Florida’s environment.

Consumer services

Walker believes in supporting Florida’s consumers, and will develop policies that will protect Floridians. This includes making department records available and easily accessible to view consumer complaints against unfair and unsafe businesses practices in the Sunshine State.


Walker believes in helping farmers grow their crops. He will encourage research and developments of new techniques to improve farming and combat common disease like citrus greening. He will fight for farmers and assist in marketing of Florida-grown crops to keep Florida growing.

Food and Nutrition

Walker will assure the public of food safety through proper permitting and inspection of food establishments, food products, and laboratory analysis of a variety of food products sold and produced in our state. He also believes in child nutrition programs and will work to ensure that all kids have free lunch in public schools.

Gun rights

Walker is a supporter of the second amendment as granted by the Constitution. He believes Floridians have the right to bear arms either to protect their family or for the purpose of hunting and recreation.


Walker believes in renewable energy. Florida is the Sunshine State, but we are currently under-utilizing the power of the Sun, an unlimited natural resource available to all. Florida is one of the least solar friendly states and Walker wants to change that. He will encourage policies and regulations that will allow easy accessibility of solar energy to Floridians. Florida’s energy policies should not be dictated by energy companies. It is time to end the monopoly and bring affordable, clean, renewable energy to all Floridians.


Walker will protect Florida’s water, encouraging policies that will conserve and address water quality throughout the state. This includes reducing pollutants like pesticides, fertilizers, and animal waste from entering Florida’s water resources. He will conserve Florida’s natural resources and will coordinate and assist in Florida’s aquaculture industry.