Supporters of Roy David Walker

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis

It is time we have someone who will represent all Floridians in Tallahassee. David is that person and that is why I am endorsing him for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

David understands the struggles of working people and knows that he can make a difference. Unlike other candidates for Agriculture Commissioner, he has dedicated the last 10 months traveling across Florida listening to their concerns while educating them about the importance of this department.

David will lead the charge to protect our environment including our waterways and coastlines, promote our agriculture industry and safeguard consumers against special interest, which is why I am proudly endorsing R. David Walker for Commissioner of Agriculture.

Oakland Park Mayor Tim Lonergan

I believe that Roy David Walker has the right message and vision for Florida as well as the determination and potential to get things accomplished. He is ready to be a great Commissioner of Agriculture responsibly representing and protecting all the people of Florida and the environment..

Wilton Manors Vice Mayor Justin Flippen

I am proud to endorse R. David Walker for Commissioner of Agriculture as he represents the well-being of working Floridians over special interests. He is a biologist who understands the impact of climate change; will protect our environment, public land, and water; and will encourage renewable energy. He is a fellow progressive Democrat who supports equality for all, equal pay for equal work, and universal background checks for gun purchases. I trust him to protect consumers against unscrupulous businesses while fostering our economy responsibly. We need elected officials and public servants who will work for Floridians which is why I am endorsing R. David Walker for Commissioner of Agriculture.

Wilton Manors Commissioner Julie Carson

As a daughter and granddaughter of Agribusiness Professionals, I am excited to endorse R. David Walker for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Service. David is the candidate with an historical conscious who will represent all Floridians when elected to office.

Each community of our great state, including the most marginalized, will have a champion in Tallahassee with David as our next Commissioner. I am thrilled that we finally have a candidate who will use science along with constituent input, to guide policy decisions!

Former Broward Mayor Ken Keechl

I am endorsing R. David Walker for Commissioner of Agriculture. He is a refreshing candidate that will work for all Floridians. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services needs someone that places an emphasis on science and who understands that the environment is linked to our economy. David will work with these guiding principles to protect our natural resources and maintain our clean water.
David understands the real struggles of the working class and will work to protect consumers against harmful business practices, promote responsible government, and grow our economy. I am proud to endorse R. David Walker for Commissioner of Agriculture.

Former Florida House Representative Tracy Stafford

As someone who has been a member of the Florida House of Representatives for 10 years, I understand how effective government works and the current system needs to change. I am encouraged by R. David Walker, an outsider, who will work to end business as usual in Tallahassee.
He will make protecting our environment a priority, encourage renewable energy, and protect consumers against special interest. It is time we end twenty years of Republican control of Florida’s legislature, which has not helped the average Floridian. David is a new generation of candidate who understands the working people and will strive to enhance their quality of life here in Florida. This is why I am endorsing R. David Walker for Commissioner of Agriculture.

Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida

Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (DECF) announces an
endorsement for R. David Walker for Commissioner of Agriculture

As a long time 5th generation resident from a middle class family, R. David Walker can be relied on using his learned experiences in agriculture to play a key role supporting legislation to address key agriculture issues affecting the State of Florida.

Mr. Walker understands the balance of Florida’s environment and increasing need to protect our farmer’s lands from commercial developers. Mr Walker also understands the value of partnerships with local businesses that many farmer’s enjoy.

The DECF has reviewed Mr. Walker’s position on the environment together in balance with continuing the prosperity of Florida’s farmers. We are pleased to announce Mr. Walker has met our criteria displaying his awareness and agreement on Florida’s environment with such issues as:

1. Protect our shores; no offshore drilling; sea level rise due to climate change
2. Provide solutions to keep clean our water aquifers and,
3. Support for solar energy
4. Bringing together agriculture and state/county governments in finding a win-win
solution to cleaning up our rivers and water containment during the wet season.

Action Alliance for Progress

AAfP sees this vital office as more than a holding place for professional politicians using the position to sell out to special interests while building a campaign war chest for their political ambitions. This office so greatly impacts Florida’s environment, food supply and water quality. It also has responsibility for consumer protection from unscrupulous businesses as well as impacting public safety in the issuance of concealed weapons permits.
Florida’s commissioner of agriculture should be led by a responsible and civic-minded individual with a record of service. Given the sensitivity and importance of Florida’s environment, a scientific background should be a prerequisite for the job. Walker’s qualifications as an environmental scientist, along with his record of service as a volunteer firefighter, member of the Everglades Regional Conservation Committee and President of the South Florida Audubon Society and his many volunteer activities that have earned him presidential recognition, make him the ideal candidate to be Florida’s next Commissioner of Agriculture. AAfP believes Walker is the ideal candidate to be Florida’s next Commissioner of Agriculture.